RE: BLOGGING I'm really surprised that so many people did not consider themselves bloggers in my last post. I wonder if my having posted that blurb about the lecture I'm going to above the question skewed the results. Because occasionally people ask me if I have a blog or if I'm a blogger, and I always answer yes. Probably it just means that I'm full of myself. 


RE: THE SHOWER: I knew that having my mom and my mother-in-law jointly throw our shower would be interesting, and I sort of thought neither of them knew what they were getting into, but I had no idea how the friction would manifest itself. Well, this morning my MIL called Bryan to say how frustrated she was - and this was after the first real planning conversation. To put it bluntly, my MIL is all about casual entertaining for large crowds, and my mom feels that traditional is better, and though my mom means well, she tends to shoot down ideas if she hasn't had personal experience with them - for example she told my MIL that no one plays games at a baby shower. Oh, okay. If you say so. She also said no to every food idea my MIL presented other than cold cuts and rolls and whatnot, saying that people wouldn't like it. Oy. Unless someone point blank asks me to get involved I'm staying out of it and letting the two of them work it out on their own. I had enough of the negotiations with the wedding, and I just don't really care anymore.

Also, I wanted to check the dimensions of the changing pad we registered for last night so I hopped on line and imagine my surprise to find that even though inivtations haven't been sent out yet and something like six things have already been purchased from the registry. Could have bowled me over with a feather. If anyone is inclined, I'd love a critique of our registry (think we selected stupid stuff? too much practical, not enough fun things? are we just waaaaay off with thinking what we need?) at Target. It's under my name and we're in CA. If you don't know my full first/last name please let me know via email and I'll send you the info (ves.heill at gmail dot com). *ETA- In a response below I indicated the "big" things we were already given by various people.


RE: THE HOUSE: The room we need to complete to finish the interior of the house is the nursery. We'll be done with that as of next weekend, when we'll lay down the FLOR carpet tiles and put up the closet structure. It has been almost three and a half years of planning, purchasing, and physical work. We're not officially done with the house (we've still got to replace almost all of the doors in the house, each of which takes almost a full weekend, and a couple of things need paint touch-ups), but we're so incredibly close that I can taste it. We're finally putting together furniture that we've been storing for the last three or so years, and going through boxes that contain things we haven't seen since we packed them up in the apartment back in July of 2003. It's like sorting through treasure - books I'd forgotten about, decor items that I've been missing, old files and paperwork that I can shred due to obsoleteness... Soon. Soon we'll be done with this massive undertaking. And then I'm vowing to never, never rennovate again for as long as I live. Or at least for another year. Which ever comes first.


RE: HOW I'M FEELING: I know in reality I'm actually a tad-bit on the small side for being over 30 weeks pregnant, but I feel like a whale. Which is why I haven't posted any pictures for a long while. I look in the mirror, and the face looking back at me isn't mine. It's someone who looks sort of like me, but has acne and fat cheeks, and it wearing sort of funny clothes because nothing really fits right any more. Ah, well. Just over 9 weeks left.



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