All hail Baby Einstein videos. I'm just saying.


Attempting to take Drew to Disneyland today for the first time without Bryan. How I'm going to manage his stroller, 2 bags, front carrier and him alone on the parking tram is anyone's guess. At least I'll be travelling with C and her son, but as they'll have just as much stuff as us it will probably be more like a french farce or comedy of errors than anything else.


Best friend Hadley is visiting from London next week. Joy! But that means I actually have to clean this place in preparation of her arrival. A daunting task...
If any of you like heist flicks and haven't yet seen Inside Man, you really should. I watched it yesterday and was quite impressed at how well thought out it was, for that genre. There were still a couple things which I thought were less than plausible, but many fewer problems than I normally have with movies of this type. I consider the time spent watching to be worth it.


So much stuff going on with you all. Lots of joy and pain and enthusiasm and snarking and thought provoking stuff. I wish I had another three hours in the day just to respond to you all. I try to read and keep up, but I'm finding it difficult. I am interested, though.


Yesterday I went to MnM and the lady who created the Sling-Ezee came and demonstrated proper sling wearing techniques and answered questions. She used Drew for some of her examples an he was, as always, the perfect baby with other people. Didn't make a peep once even when I handed him to her for the first time, and came back to me with a cheerful grin and then promptly fell asleep. Cool. I was so confident after watching her presentation that I was inspired to finally use my Maya Wrap (from Keely many moons ago - thanks again, K!) for my Target run today. As part of my must get out of the house more doing things I like resolution, I visited a sales center for new town-homes in my area (we're not looking to move, but I love seeing floor plans and whatnot) and then went to a nice park and walked with Drew in the stroller for a couple of miles.

I'd like to make walking with him a frequent occurrence. Living in this climate means there's no excuse why I shouldn't - it was in the mid 60s today, with a gorgeous sky - and I'd like to get in shape as well as modeling a non-sedentary lifestyle for Drew. I'd not been to that particular park before but I think I'll go back soon. Each lap in this park is just under a third of a mile, and there's a well-kept restroom on the premises as well as shady benches for nursing, a very nice playground, and a huge field of grass so green you'd swear it was spray painted.


Drew seems to have a clogged tear duct. I don't see any redness and he's not bothered by it, so I'll just keep it clean, massage the corner of the eye a bit, and mention it to his pediatrician if it hasn't gone away by his next visit. He also seems to have a touch of diarrhea. It's not an excessive amount, he doesn't have a temperature, and he's his usual self, so I'm just going to go let it pass (heh) by itself and avoid the Dr's office. Perhaps I shouldn't be so cavalier about not taking him into the Dr, but considering he's nursing on demand exclusively and isn't dehydrated I can't see what they could do about fluids, and since he's not exhibiting any other problematic symptoms I'd rather not expose him to a waiting room full of kids with the flu only to hear that I should just keep doing what I'm doing and monitor the situation at home. 
We've been spending some time each weekend for the past couple of months trying to make the garage usable and more efficient. Essentially trying to make it something other than a repository for junk and things that we don't know where else to put. We're almost done, and one of the last things we have to do is to take down the things that the previous owner, Jeff, had stored up on plywood sheets in the rafters. Bryan took down a box today with some surprising magazines. There were several stacks of Playboy magazines from the 80s, a bunch of Life magazines from the later 70s (these we're keeping temporarily until I can check and se if they'd go for anything on Ebay), and a few old Rolling Stones. These aren't abnormal to me. Instead, what surprised me that at the bottom of the box contained what looked like a year's worth of Soviet Life magazines, as well as a small book entitled something like "Socialism: the Philosophy of the New World Order." Um, yeah. Right.

I'm half tempted to ring him up and tell him we found his stash of Playboys, and did he want them back? Just to see what he would say.


Oh, and those Sorel snow boots I'm selling on Ebay? They've now got 20 watchers and 8 bids, and there's still a little over 3 days to go. 20 watchers? Seriously? We've never sold anything that had 20 watchers before. You'd think with that much interest in the boots they'd be going for more than $15.50 right now. Gah.
I've been selling a few things on Ebay in the last couple of weeks. Not much, just some formula coupons and now a pair of boots that I'd first listed in [profile] thetradingpost until Bridget conviced me it would easily sell on Ebay for a good amount. The boots are here. I'm curious to see the bidding action: right now there's one bid, but 12 watchers, and over five days still remaining. I've spent some time aquainting myself again with Paypal and the new Ebay selling options, and I'm hoping to earn enough on Ebay over the next few months so that I can buy a dSLR. I'm not really certain why I need one since I can't even utilize my current camera to its fullest, but I've sort of got a bug up my rear for theOlympus EVOLT system that Costco currently carries. That, or a digital camcorder that records directly to playable DVD format. Ah, one more piece of electronic gadgetry to ignore. But really, the odds of me earning that much money on Ebay? Slim to none.

And speaking of getting rid of things I no longer need, (Oh, ick!*) I gave away my old wetsuit and diving weight today through freecycle (didn't want to bother Ebaying it - the weights would cost too much to ship and the wetsuit is a specialty one for tallish women wearing a large who do cold water diving only. Not too much call for those.). I left it outside on my doorstep clearly labeled in a bag, thus trying to convey the meaning "here, take it and go away." Stupid guy rang the doorbell and then knocked on my door when I didn't answer. And then he emailed me when he got home to thank me for the suit and say he tried knocking so he could thank me in person. Hello, idiot? Are you new to Freecycle? Becuase the point is to give away our old crap to someone else who could use it, not to make friends. If that's your purpose start going to church dances and town hall meetings. Just take the stuff and leave me alone. And especially don't come knocking while I'm still in my jammies with unbrushed hair at noon. Um... yeah...


* Drew just spit up while nursing. I had to clean off my boob, my shirt, my pants, and his shirt, all the while he was crying because I took away his food. Ew.
There were no riots yesterday. What a nice trend! Let's hope it continues.


An email conversation I had yesterday with Bryan:

Bryan: Check it out. project watch - Cesar Pelli Finally Sees Red -"Long-awaited LA building will complete triad at Pacific Design Center - First there was the iconic "Blue" building, known affectionately as "The Blue Whale." Then there was the distinctive "Green" building. And now there will be the "Red" building, the long-awaited addition the Pacific Design Center complex, designed by Cesar Pelli, FAIA, Pelli Clark Pelli Associates, and executive architect Gruen Associates. "Red" completes the triad of buildings the architect first envisioned for the 14-acre site in the mid-1970s. "The PDC is an idea that has been pending to be completed. It will complete the composition, but most importantly, it will help define a public space," Pelli says.
Me: What's next – yellow?
Bryan: Primary colors.
Me: Green is not a primary color. Yellow, red, and blue are the only primary colors.
Bryan: Hey, you're right. I wonder why he didn't do that. That's usually a very architect type of thing.

And he's the designer in the family. Right.


I don't live in a small town - There are something like 90,000 people in my city. And even so, Yesterday I ran into my neighbor at Costco (literally - I ran into him with a cart. Whoops. Luckily he has a good sense of humor about those things), and when I was at the grocery store a woman stopped me in the produce aisle and said "aren't you [my MIL]'s daughter-in-law? She's so excited about your pregnancy. How are you feeling?" It was bizarre, and though I vaguely remembered meeting her before I didn't remember who she was. It was only after I got in my car that I remembered she and her husband own one of my favorite restaurants (Keely - she owns Tutti Mangia in the village, Spaghetti Eddie's in Glendora, and Eddie's New York Pizzeria in Claremont). Damn. I should have kept her talking longer.


I got a prenatal workout video from Amazon a few weeks ago and I've been pretty good about doing it a few times a week. I've really enjoyed the salsa dancing segment so that's what I've done each time, and while I'm sweaty at the end I always feel great the next day. Yesterday I decided to try the yoga segment, and I feel like I've been hit with stones and stretched on the rack. And what's sad is that this isn't my first time doing yoga - Bryan and I used to do it together. Granted, that was many moons ago. 


I've found a 7 day Alaskan cruise on Princess that is r/t out of Seattle for $629/person, and I found airfare for $280/person. I'm hoping we'll do that or something similar.
I went to the Dr's appointment (the guy absolutely couldn't remember who I ws or why I was there or what form he needed to fill out or what kind of injury I'd had with the accident. Honestly - can't you just spend, like, 45 seconds and LOOK AT MY CHART BEFORE COMING INTO THE ROOM?), and was hungry on the way home so treated myself to a to-go lunch at my favorite chinese restaurant. Came home and took what was intended to be a 30 minute or so nap... and woke up two hours later. Damn. Two hours. I'd only woken for the day six hours prior and spent the majority of my waking time sitting at my desk. Even so, I still slept for two hours. And I wasn't particularly sleepy, which makes me wonder how long I would have slept had I had a bad night last night. Sheesh.
I absolutely adored having a 4-day weekend. It was divine. I should have them more often.

Wednesday: I told the gals at work about the pg, as well as making the strategic decision to tell a friend in the Financial Aid Office, Jack. Which means that between these gals and Jack the entire university knew in about three nanoseconds. Including the HR office. Word travels fast 'round these parts.

Thursday: I cleaned the house a bit, made italian sausages, peppers, and onions in the crock pot, and lounged around doing a whole lot of nothing. I bought a few of my favorite Disney DVDs at Costco, including Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood (I used to adore this movie when I was growing up), and the Aristocats.

Friday: More of nothing, mostly. Did a bit more cleaning (house is now clean, finally), watched Bring It On for the first time, and went to a Dr's appt in the morning. The only thing worth mentioning there is that my blood work was fine and I had already decided to switch to an OB nearby (this other person I visited does Family Practice) so I also made an appt for this coming Wednesday with my new OB. Oh, and I cut up my new medical insurance card accidentally. I meant to cut up my old one, so it was a bit of a nasty surprise to look down and see the old card nice and whole and the one I just got three days prior sitting in shreds on the kitchen counter. Whoops. Bryan's parents invited us over for dinner and when I got there they gave me a card [the viewpoint was looking over a big-ole pg belly to a scale below with the words "You Grow Girl" on it, which I think is mostly funny, and a little bit apprehensive-making] and inside was a note saying they got me a subscription to ePregnancy magazine. That was very sweet of them.

Saturday: We did our taxes. Good lord, I freaking LOVE owning a house. Really. In the evening we went out with our friends Jose and Maribel to the Yard House. I'd never been there before and it's really rather... loud. Good food, the drink list looked good, and we had a good time, but damn that place was packed. After dinner we wandered over to CB&TL for drinks and I got a Hot Vanilla. Like a hot chocolate, but pure vanilla taste. Sooo good. And caffeine free and I got in some calcium. Score! I liked it so much I went back today and bought a tub of their powder mix so I can have my very own vanilla-y goodness at home.

Today: We wandered over to Sam's Club while Bryan's car was being smogged and tried to decide if it was worth it to get a membership there, too. We decided that it wasn't. They have some different things than Costco, but we'd rather just pay the extra 10% for a one-day shopping pass if there's something we really want and save the $40 membership fee. Then we test-drove the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which was a huge dissapointment in terms of visibility and pricing, so all signs point to me buying the Mazda5 in a couple of months. This evening we're eating leftover sausage and peppers, and watching Robin Hood on tv and waiting to see if I won an auction on ebay for a book I want. And I'll probably make another mug of Hot Vanilla. Because Hot Vanilla is a sign that God exists.

We're not even exchanging cards this year, that's how little we're doing. Last night Bryan came to me just to check (read: just to make sure I wouldn't later be pissed at him for not living up to my expectations, heh) and make sure that we really weren't doing anything for each other this year. Nope, we're not. We are planning on carving out some time to do something special this weekend, but the only thing I did today was give Bryan a bag of strawberries with lunch where I'd written him a Valentine's Day message on the baggie. I wrote it in red sharpie. It was very romantic. I'm, like, better than Martha Stewart. I rock. It wasn't much. 

Tomorrow we're going to see Archer Prewitt at Club Spaceland (along with our friend Scott) in Silverlake after getting some dinner out, so if anyone asks I'll just say that's our plan. Can't have people thinking I'm losing my phenomenal wife status, you see.

Sitting here cozily under a blanket on the couch with the wind ripping through the trees outside the windows and with Scout sleeping peacefully on my lap reminds me that life is good. It really is.

Spent yesterday doing house stuff all day - raked leaves for 2 hours and filled up two HUGE cans, trip to the hardware store for varnish so we can start on the doors today, and cleaned and conditioned the leather couch again. While I was doing those things that amazing husband of mine was doing ductwork in the attic and installing a new super-quiet fan for our master bath. He really is incredible.

Last night he went off to go to a concert with his friend and I went over to Darci's place to hang with her and some of her swing dance friends. They refer to themselves as swingers, which made me internally grin several times throughout the evening. There was much mirth and many pop-culture references to Labyrinth (The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do.) and The Princess Bride and all Ramstein. Best not to ask, really. When I left at around 11-ish I went home and turned on the beginning of LA Confidential and waited for B to get home.

And now Bryan's come out to sit on the couch with me and is playing with the cat trying to intice her to paw at his toes by wiggling them under the blanket (Ha! she just tryed to bite his feet! The joke's on him). Oh, yes, life is good.

I have two email accounts at work that I check. One is mine and is "normal" and the other is sort of a general account that gets something like 300 spam emails a day because, oh, hell, I don't know. Because the sky's blue or something. It just does.

Today I got one that said "Must have a sex, must!"

And really, who can't get behind that thinking? None of this namby-pamby nonsense about being transgendered -one gender, and one only. That's a rally cry we can all get behind - Must have a sex! MUST!

See, spam can be helpful sometimes. That's the message that should be taken away from the whole experience, I think.

kidding. I think it was an ad for Levitra.



When did Old Navy stop having good clothes? I mean, a couple of years ago it was virtually guaranteed that I could go in and easily spend (or wish to spend) $100. And Bryan? Oi, Bryan could spend that much alone on shirts. But yesterday we went in with two gift cards and had to search for things to buy - made only somewhat easier by the fact that the only pair of pants I wanted were $25 and not on sale (and then I bought a short length rather than regular which means I have to go back sometime soon and exchange it). Why is practically everything in the store either low rise or ultra low rise? I don’t have a problem if they sell that in addition to the just below or at waist stuff but they no longer seem to be carrying those styles or anything – !god forbid!- without stretch. Let’s face it: you don’t need to see that much of my ass, and you certainly don’t need the fabric to stretch across what you do see. I should have used the gift cards to get stuff at the Gap, but there's an ON right by our house. Last time I make that mistake, I tell you. Grump.
The beauty of not actually making any resolutions is, among other things, that when I break what would have been each and every one of them in a single day, I feel no remorse. No one knows what they might have been, so there can be no finger pointing and snickering given the very brief nature of how long they lasted. Score one for laziness!


Plan for tonight: finishing making monstrously large vat of French Onion Soup-- while managing to not eat all of the onions during the course of their saute time, watch the "making of" features on March of the Penguins, reread the newly-posted chapter six of Seeking Ginny (can be found at and is easily the best HP fan fic I've read to date, and I've read more than I care to admit), bitch to Bryan over the fact that the freecycle person who said they would come pick up my old treadmill didn't contact me leaving me stuck with the damn treadmill until I list it again. Grump.

I haven't been getting on as much as I would have liked, lately. Grump.

In a nutshell:

Work is good. Very, very busy, though. We're implementing some new strategies to aid with student recruitment and it's taking up a large portion of my time these days. All I can say is thank god I hired a work study who knows her stuff. I need to start hiring some more part-time work study students, and if I could clone mine I'd do it in a heartbeat.

We went to Bryan's company party on Saturday night, where I spent the majority of the time hanging out with two of the partners' wives, because they're just so darn fun. I used to hate his company gatherings because I didn't know anyone. It still don't know the vast majority of the poeple he works with (obviously - it's a 75 person firm), but I know ten or so along with their spouses. So when it came time to go gamble at the party (it was sort of a monte carlo-esq night) I could just walk up to a table and feel fairly confident that there would be at least one person I could talk to. And we won stuff at the raffle! Hit diggity dog - we NEVER win stuff. :) We got $100 in gift certificates to various restaurants. Oh, and we got a $25 gift card to Old Navy... which we weren't technically supposed to get, but there are times that it's good to have friends in high places, and this was one of those times.

We painted one of our master bedroom walls with our accent color - a gorgeous rich greyish-brown. Picture a cross between a Hershey bar and a very foggy morning. It's absolutely luscious and I adore it. The other walls are trimmed (but not rolled with paint) and the baseboards are cut, which means next weekend we could theoretically install our carpet. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. After two and a half years we'll actually have carpet rather than concrete floors in the bedroom. And you know what that means, right? We'll actually get to put our furniture in there! In case my excitement over this isn't clearly evident let me just say that I've been using a fucking DAIRY CRATE FOR A NIGHTSTAND FOR OVER TWO YEARS. Soon our room will contain it's intended nightstands along with their intended bedside lamps. It was also contain much, much joy. So excited, so excited, so excited.

All Harry Potter fans should download and listen to PotterCast Episode #14 on iTunes (it's in the podcast section and it's free). Those are so my peeps.

I met with my broker last week. (I still can hardly fathom the fact that I have a broker, but whatever, I do.) I was exceedingly pleased that what he recommended we do is the exact conclusion we had come to on our own after doing our research. Makes me feel somewhat vindicated, and I fully plan on throwing it in the faces of whomever doubts our financial planning in the future.

I spent the day at Cal State Northridge today meeting with some faculty. Makes me doubt the days of just being a student with nothing but a part-time job as my other responsibility. When I'm at the university I work for it's different since I associate it so much with ongoing work issues- that building ver there? I have a meeting there on Monday. This pathway over here? That's where I got into a conversation with the dean about faculty member X who's being a problem. This building is where the other members of that committee I'm on all have their offices... But a foreign campus thrusts into focus the students who populate it. What are they studying? Do they enjoy it? Do they have grand plans to go out and change the world, change some lives? I hope so. We need people like that around us to make us re-examine our own issues.

We're in the midst of trying to select a new cell phone plan since our old two-year contract is about to run out. It's looking like we'll be taking the Pay As You Go option from T-mobile, since that seems to match our needs most closely. Anyone have any experiences with that? Yea or Nay? (please say Yea. I've don't too damn much research on this already and I'm ready to just buy the stupid thing and get it over with.)
Thanksgiving was good, mostly. We had sooooo much food. Still do, in fact.

Saw Goblet of Fire on Friday... this deserves its own seperate post.

About half our Christmas gifts are purchased. If I can convince Bryan, the remaining will all be bought in the next week on

Scout is the best cat ever, even if she's still puking. She threw up twice while people were over on Thansgiving. Fun.

I got new calf-high boots two days ago, YES! The uppers aren't real leather, but I could give a shit since they look fabulous and make me feel like I could kick serious butt if given the oportunity.

Still working on Part 2 of my Paris recap. Hopefullly by tomorrow or the next day I'll post it.

Off to see Rent with Darci. :)



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