RE: DINNER - I'm making Thai green curry for dinner. And it's a bit more like the fiery blazes of hell hotter than I thought it would turn out. Right on! Now if Bryan would only get his butt out of the bedroom where he's trying on new clothing I'd be all set. This is what I get for marrying a man voted "best dressed" in his senior year of high school.


RE: SORTING - I spent around two hours today going through boxes that have been sealed up since we moved into the house three years ago. Some of the stuff I was thrilled to see (hey, that telephone we've been looking for! The sculptural tiles from Arcosanti!). And others... well... let's just say that of the three boxes I went through I'm keeping one box worth. I had a long black Australian oilskin trench coat that I'd been desperately missing and once I pulled it out I was rather "eh" about it and decided to garage sale it instead of keeping it.


RE: OLD FRIENDS - I found an old (1992/1993) summer band camp buddy (SHUT UP!) online this afternoon on a whim and shot her an email. I got this as a reply:

Hi Lindsay!

Of COURSE I remember you. Duh. You were one of my best camp buddies! You lived in Hacienda Heights, and one time I came to visit you and watched you and your marching band compete. That was fun!

I just watched an old Arrowbear video for the first time a while were on it and I was like, "Aww, Lindsay...I wonder what she's been up to."  =)

Things are good for me. You still playing at all? Where are you living?

Nice to hear from you! And a belated congratuations on your marriage! Yay!


Yay, indeed. She's living locally, so I hope to see her soon to catch up.


Oh, goody. Fashion boy is out ofthe bedroom. Yum!

I ask you - who wouldn't want to spend time with this group?

[ profile] darcid  is moving  (what is this, a trend where my lj friends all move out of state?), so last night I went to her place along with [ profile] 50sgal , [ profile] charmingdetails , [ profile] whaznext and a few of Darci's dancing friends for one last hurrah. Oh, criminey. Too much fun with those gals. I swear to all that is holy that I will find a way to work "Suck on that!" and/or "Go fig!" into my daily conversations from now on, because they're too good to skip.


I'm continually amazed that (virtually) all of the people I've met in person from either LJ or WC have ended up being such good friends, and such an integral part of my life. Five years ago I hopped online to see if there were any good tips for wedding planning, and now - with our weddings far behind us and nary a "newlywed" term in sight - it's hard to remember a time before you were all part of my life.

Thanks so, SO much for your good thoughts related to this post. I just got this email from Hadley:

Daddy went into surgery on Saturday night and emerged Sunday morning, chock full of blood transfusions and a NEW LIVER!!! He's doing incredibly well (though he's still a very sick guy, since it's huge surgery even for someone who starts out healthy!), but the new liver is actually working and his kidneys (which were failing, due to the liver failure) are starting to wake up. They're going to take him off of dialysis and the respirator this afternoon -- talk about a series of miracles.

I'm so glad to be here for this... My post-masters-degree vacation couldn't have been better timed. Dad's body and the liver donor were both kind enough to arrange his acute illness and the transplant to fit my travel plans! Depending on how his recovery goes, I may stay a bit longer than originally planned, but I have lots of flexibility, which is great.

Well thank you so much for your emails, calls, and positive thoughts, and please keep them going for Dad and the UH team as this promises to be a bumpy ride. I'm so grateful for all of you, and your support and love, and I'm also thankful to the family of the donor, whoever was gracious and generous enough to let us have this chance for my dad. At least it finally feels like we're going in the right direction!

Yay! :D

When I transferred from AU to CMC in my sophmore year, the only things I really regretted were leaving the Wash DC area, and leaving some friends I'd grown very close to. As tends to happen, with various moves on our parts we lost touch with each other. I've been searching for two of them for quite some time. One was Aaron, with whom I got in touch earlier this year and was fortunate enough to see him in person shortly afterwards.

The other was a gal named Sadie. Wow. What can I say about Sadie that won't sound trite or sappy? We were very, very close friends. I love her. She understands me in many ways better than any other close friends ever have. she's incredibly funny, and kind, and sarcastic as all get out, and spunky, and sassy, and smart as hell, and up for doing new things, and a million other things that I could never accurately convey in words. For six months I've been searching for her online. Now, I'm good at the Internet – if it's out there generally I can find it. But I was getting nowhere until I started searching under various other names I'd seen her associated with occasionally for writing projects (she's involved in theatre). Lo and behold I found a teeny, tiny blurb in a newsletter for a congregation welcoming their newest members Sadie and Ryan C. I more searching for his contact information and I came up with email addresses that are apparently no longer valid (boo!), and I was stuck at a dead end until just yesterday when on a whim I googled her husband’s name and came up with an article about a new play he’d written that was currently being performed at a theatre by where they live. I emailed the theatre asking (begging) them to put me in contact with him and the theatre responded with his email address. All that was left was to send out an email to him asking (begging) him to get Sadie to write back to me.

And she did.


Happy heart. Happy, happy, happy, HAPPY HEART.

My dear, dear friend and MOH is my former college roommate, Hadley. Her dad's in intensive care, and hoping desperately for a liver transplant. Any good thoughts would be appreciated.

It's been a turbulent couple of days -- I arrived in Cleveland on Monday night after such a wonderful weekend in Portland, which gave me just enough time to catch my breath and hang out a bit with my family before my father became dehydrated on Tuesday night and was admitted to Intensive Care. He started out at Hillcrest, which is our closest hospital, and by lunchtime Thursday was transferred to University Hospitals downtown, where his liver doctor is. He's been in Intensive Care at UH since, where they have determined that his kidneys have stopped working (which explains the 20+ liters of extra water he's holding in his belly. It looks like a large beach-ball, and he jokes about it having a heartbeat. He's expecting to deliver triplets) and that he's developed an infection in with all the fluid. The bad news is that he's a pretty sick guy, and because all the fluid he's taking in is going to his belly, the rest of him is pretty dehydrated. The good news is, particularly now that the antibiotics are taking hold, he had jumped to the top of the transplant list, and now it's mostly a race to get him a liver.

Please keep him in your prayers, particularly as it seems to be such a balancing act to keep him stable. We (well, he) have just got to keep things together until the biggest problem can be fixed-- then the doctors say the rest will fall into place.

Dad's in good spirits, and (most of the time) quite on-the-ball. Night before last he and I were on our own for the evening, and he started lecturing me on Clark Cliffson, who wrote speeches for Truman and put together the wording of the Truman doctrine. If you get the chance, have a look at it-- it's disturbingly like Bush's rationale for invading Iraq! I guess once a father, always a father. :)

Much love, and thank you all for your thoughts and encouragement thus far. I'll keep you posted.




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