There are some truly brilliant people out there.

Nikki and Amy - this is for you:

And these are for me (and anyone else who wants them - go here or here to download and credit appropriately):




My usual morning routine consists of heading to the restroom, feeding the cat, and then sitting down for a coupe of minutes to gather my wits about me as I start the day before I head back into the bedroom to get ready for work. This morning my gathering-my-wits period was interrupted by not one, not two, but three separate trips to clean up Scout’s vomiting. Excellent! Overall she’s doing much better than she had been in the beginning and we attribute that to the prescription food that we dole out throughout the day, but she still has days that make me doubt my abilities to care for a cat, let alone another human being. And that’s not even thinking about what my poor carpet may be going through today while I’m gone. Ew.


I found out this morming that my BIL and SIL are having Rain's birthday party the same day and time as Jamie's party for Emma. Gah! not happy about that.


Someone brought in half-full bags of dark chocolate and milk chocolate mini easter eggs. I'm wearing my tightish jeans today (I figure I might as well get as much use of them as I can now before I can't wear them anymore), and I can't yet tell if that's a very good thing, or a very bad thing. The tightness will keep me from eating the remainder of the dark chocolate bag, so that's good. But it'll also prevent me from eating the rest of the dark chocolate bag, so it's bad. Bit of a toss-up, really.


We're supposed to go to my ILs house for (non-religous) Easter brunch on Sunday, and to my mom's house for a Passover seder in the evening. Neither has told us when they're thing is going to start/end, so we still don't know if we'll be going to each or if I'll just go to my mom's and Bryan will just go to his parent's thing. Overall I'm very amused by this whole situation, and the one thing that is my saving grace for the Passover seder is that I'm no longer the youngest - I feel like a moron answering those damn questions. This year the role of the moron shall be played by my cousin Skye. I did my part last night by watching the first part of the 10 Commandments. I'm so thoughtful.

Those of you who have gmail email addys may already know this - I'm a little slow on the uptake of overly obvious things, sometimes (no, really, I didn't realize that W was double-U until I was in sixth grade. I remember that day specifically because I thought I had THE GREATEST EPIPHANY EVER. Needless to say, I was wrong.).

When you check a gmail account at the top of the page is an RSS feed that spits out one-line worth of headlines that link you to another site, and everytime you reresh the page or click onto another section of gmail the RSS feed that you see changes. You can customize the feeds you see, but I haven't bothered, so in a single session I might see a headline from Forbes, a recipe title from somewhere, CNN's latest update, a funny quote, or something else completely random. Generally what I se is in no way related to the messages in my inbox or folders - they're just sort of whatever the google people choose to include.

I just realized that when you go into your spam folder the RSS feed changes from randomness to a bunch of recipies with spam as a key ingredient. Spam fajitas. French fry spam casserole. Vineyard spam salad. Spam primavera.

They crack me up. I love Google.
Someone I work with is going to school part time to get her BA degree. Her new term started last night and she was saying how she didn't know what to expect with her English class since the books seemed to be an odd bunch. I asked which titles are on her syllabus and she said it was Nickle and Dimed in America, a couple things she's read already, and some wierd book about motorcycles. Aw, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! I laughed and told her that the professor was, in fact, normal and it's an accepted and contemporary classic piece of American Literature. I told her that she was welcome to borrow my copy (saving her a good $20) and that I'd bring it today for her.

This morning I went to the bookshelf to retrieve the book, all the while realizing how long it's been since I'd last read the book. And as I was flipping through the book something fell out from beneath the pages and fluttered to the ground. I picked it up and saw a valentine - one of those cheap mass-produced kind that kids get because they need to give something to an entire class. But when I saw this one I literally started laughing out loud.

It was a picture of Pinky and the Brain, from The Anamaniacs, and said "With a pal like you we could take over the world!" HA! It's the little things that keep me going. :)


(Even in you're religious you've got to admit these are funny!)

A few more

I will SO be using this one.

I'll allow three guesses to who I'm thinking of with this one.

I can't help myself! Must add more.

I found two little stowaways in my carry-on luggage. They explained that they had just gone through sort of a family crisis and were trying to rebuild their relationship, so I invited them to come along with me on my trip. These two have got ISSUES.

Leia: What's the movie on this flight?
Vader: Movie?
Leia: Yeah, you know. Movie. It's where people move and talk and periodically dance about on screen? A movie.
Vader: You do realize you can't fit into the headphones, right? You're about forty times too small.
Leia: I can try.
Vader: You'll embarrass us.
Leai: You mean I'll embarrass you.
Vader: Exactly. I forbid you to do it.
Leia: Excuse me?!? You can't forbid me to do anything. You're not my father, Vader!
Vader: Actually, I AM your father, and I think I deserve the respect of being called "Dad".
Leia: You want me to call you Dad?
Vader: Got a problem with that?
Leia: Not... really... it's just wierd, you know?
Vader: Get used to it.
Leia: You're a bit of an ass, you know.
Vader: This is going to be a long, long trip.
Leia: Tell me about it. Hmph.

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