So a few posts ago I mentioned that Drew was eating every 2-2.5 hours and waking frequently at night to nurse. Ha. That was only the beginning. It progressed quickly to eating every 1.5-2 hours. All day. Every day. So between getting him ready to nurse, nursing, and diapering I had basically no time to do anything. I had hoped that it was only a growth spurt and would pass when he was around 6 weeks. Hallelujiah - it happened. The last two days he's gone back to being hungry every 3 hours or a bit more, and he's slept for a 6-hour stretch each of the last two nights, eaten, then gone back to sleep longer, and he's gone back to being the mellow little man that I'd come to rely upon. My days just got significantly more pleasant. Joy!

That being the case, I actually have time to post the pictures that I'd promised last week. ;)

Tell me, does he look like a 1 month old to you? I mean, he was 5.5 weeks in the last photo, but to me he looks like a much older baby.

They're dark-ish because I didn't think to take them until the light was already getting low. Not that I'm upset about that fact. And no, I am NOT wearing leggings - I wore black slacks and that wrap over my t-shirt yesterday at work, and tied the wrap around my waist when it warmed up in the afternoon. Spandex is a privilege, not a right. I think that's a rule we should all learn to live by and obey. 

Be kind.

ETA: Heather was nice enough to post some lightened versions of the photos in her reponse below. Thanks, H!

I ask you - who wouldn't want to spend time with this group?

I know I kept saying this would be posted, oh, weeks ago. But then life happened and my grand plans became a little less grand. Here it is, though, the rest of my Paris recap.

A tease:

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I found two little stowaways in my carry-on luggage. They explained that they had just gone through sort of a family crisis and were trying to rebuild their relationship, so I invited them to come along with me on my trip. These two have got ISSUES.

Leia: What's the movie on this flight?
Vader: Movie?
Leia: Yeah, you know. Movie. It's where people move and talk and periodically dance about on screen? A movie.
Vader: You do realize you can't fit into the headphones, right? You're about forty times too small.
Leia: I can try.
Vader: You'll embarrass us.
Leai: You mean I'll embarrass you.
Vader: Exactly. I forbid you to do it.
Leia: Excuse me?!? You can't forbid me to do anything. You're not my father, Vader!
Vader: Actually, I AM your father, and I think I deserve the respect of being called "Dad".
Leia: You want me to call you Dad?
Vader: Got a problem with that?
Leia: Not... really... it's just wierd, you know?
Vader: Get used to it.
Leia: You're a bit of an ass, you know.
Vader: This is going to be a long, long trip.
Leia: Tell me about it. Hmph.

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