The PT said "yup, you've got whiplash." Oh, goody. Another confirmation. Just in case the aching neck muscles weren't enough of an indication. I did find out that el doctoro had only written the prescription to be treated for my neck pain... because my back pain is all imagined? So I've got to call him tomorrow and get him to correct the treatment order.

In all honesty it wasn't too bad (being treated for the piriformus injury was sooooo much worse). They did some evaluation stretches and questioning then started in with the heat therapy, then ultrasound, then a few stretches, then a review of posture and how I should sleep tonight. It's amazing how I did relatively little as compared to how undomfortable I am right now. The PT also confirmed that the headache I've had since Saturday is likely caused by the whiplash. He doesn't know how long I'll need to be treated and says he'll see how I am after a couple more appointments and when I asked him how long it would take to heal he said it could take a long time. Peachy!


I wish I could somehow take a picture of me right now. I'm sitting in a recliner, back up against a heating pad, lap covered with a blanket, laptop on my legs in front of me, and Scout is literally draped over the top of my forearms seemingly unconcerned that I'm actually jiggling her whole body while typing. She's had a long day of napping and now must rest. And she's purring. Aw.



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