Omigod. Drew is propped up in the boppy next to me on the couch. He's staring at Scout and cooing at her, and she's sitting on the arm of the couch staring back at him. I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter in my entire life.
I've now accrued so much vacation time that I have to take two days a month or I lose those days. So yay for me. I'm taking today off as my first of those days - also convenient since I have my first appointment with my new OB this afternoon. It's a nice day to stay home - raining and grey and dreary. So I'm reading HP fan fics online and listening to the rain come down and trying to put off cleaning the house which I know is what I should be doing.

A few minutes ago it started hailing. Like, a TON of hail. And we have skylights in a few places in the house, so it was super loud. And in this area we don't get a lot of hail. I can remember maybe three previous times in my life in Southern California where we got this much hail. Scout was lying on our bed in the other room and I KNEW she was going to be freaking out. So I went to fetch her from the other room her tail was pufed out to about four times its normal size and was staring out the window frozen in the middle of a crouch. If she could speak she would have cried out WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT HITTING THE WINDOW?!? IS THE WORLD COMING TO AN END OR WHAT?!? So I picked her up, brought her into the kitchen, and gave her a couple of treats. Now she's only mildly freaked out, but I predict she won't be leaving my side for the rest of the day.

I was working on the computer last night and Scout, being the little computer obsessed freak that she is, leaned over and showed her happiness by attempting to burrow her head into the top of my arm. I scratched her ears a bit and went back to what I was working on, and Scout took a step forward and started licking me. On my face. 

She licked the top of my cheek, the corner of my eye, my eyebrow, and my forehead. Her tongue, like all cat tongues, feels like sandpaper so it wasn't exactly a comfortable thing being licked by her, but my heart was melting at the thought of Scout wanting to groom me so I didn't have the heart to pull away. Until she decided to lick my eyelid. I could feel the scratchyness on my eye and I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the absurdity of what was going on. Scout was startled and sat down a foot away to stare at me and ponder why on earth I would ever want to pull away from a grooming.

The whole process was repeated about half an hour later - the working on the computer, the creeping closer, the licking my face, and my laughing when she got around to grooming my eye. Sigh. She's such a sweet cat. WhenI think of her my heart is happy.

It's Sunday morning, and I'm stretched out on my couch with my laptop on my legs and Scout stretched across my middle. Her hed is nestled down into the crook of my wrist, and though she is very, very still her tail occasionally flips up and curls around to touch my arm, as if to check that I'm still here and not going anywhere. I'm a bit stuffy today, and every time I sniff she responds with a meow-squeak or a meow-purr - she wants me to feel better and stop disturbing her very busy morning of napping.

In about an hour I've got to drive her out to my mom's house so she can pet-sit for us while we're on vacation. Scout will resist the pill I'll give her ahead of time to try and make her sleepy and calm, she will hate her travel crate, she will paw at it's bars and cry or howl during the entire hour long trip letting me know in no uncertain terms that she hates travelling and thinks I'm a bad pet owner and that she will never forgive me, no matter how many liver treats I offer her. She will sulk and fret and even after I return from vacation she will treat me coldly until I make it back into her good graces.

So for the little while that is left I'll remain here on my couch with my cat who loves me and wants nothing more than to snuggle for a bit.



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