There's this "Sushi Maker Master" kit I saw at the home & garden show last year. It contains molds for easy sushi rolls, including one for a heart shaped sushi roll. Heart shaped sushi! How could this get cooler (or more dork-like)? I must get this wonderful invention. I must. I can hear it calling to me.

(I especially like how there are just random fruits and veggies strewn about in this picture, along with what looks like a mimosa. "Oh yes, I like to take a bite out of a whole bell pepper in between sushi pieces. Much better than ginger for clearing the palate.")

Do you see the genius that is this product? Do you see it?!? I have visions of doing a whole tray of assorted shape sushi at Drew's b-day party (for the adults, natch) and hearing such things as "how divine!" and "just lovely!" and having them sound like real compliments and not just like things characters in a TV miniseries about the women in the American South would say. Yes, it is my dream, so shut up.

Surely $20 is a reasonable amount to spend for fulfilling a dream, yes?
We've been spending some time each weekend for the past couple of months trying to make the garage usable and more efficient. Essentially trying to make it something other than a repository for junk and things that we don't know where else to put. We're almost done, and one of the last things we have to do is to take down the things that the previous owner, Jeff, had stored up on plywood sheets in the rafters. Bryan took down a box today with some surprising magazines. There were several stacks of Playboy magazines from the 80s, a bunch of Life magazines from the later 70s (these we're keeping temporarily until I can check and se if they'd go for anything on Ebay), and a few old Rolling Stones. These aren't abnormal to me. Instead, what surprised me that at the bottom of the box contained what looked like a year's worth of Soviet Life magazines, as well as a small book entitled something like "Socialism: the Philosophy of the New World Order." Um, yeah. Right.

I'm half tempted to ring him up and tell him we found his stash of Playboys, and did he want them back? Just to see what he would say.


Oh, and those Sorel snow boots I'm selling on Ebay? They've now got 20 watchers and 8 bids, and there's still a little over 3 days to go. 20 watchers? Seriously? We've never sold anything that had 20 watchers before. You'd think with that much interest in the boots they'd be going for more than $15.50 right now. Gah.
I've been selling a few things on Ebay in the last couple of weeks. Not much, just some formula coupons and now a pair of boots that I'd first listed in [profile] thetradingpost until Bridget conviced me it would easily sell on Ebay for a good amount. The boots are here. I'm curious to see the bidding action: right now there's one bid, but 12 watchers, and over five days still remaining. I've spent some time aquainting myself again with Paypal and the new Ebay selling options, and I'm hoping to earn enough on Ebay over the next few months so that I can buy a dSLR. I'm not really certain why I need one since I can't even utilize my current camera to its fullest, but I've sort of got a bug up my rear for theOlympus EVOLT system that Costco currently carries. That, or a digital camcorder that records directly to playable DVD format. Ah, one more piece of electronic gadgetry to ignore. But really, the odds of me earning that much money on Ebay? Slim to none.

And speaking of getting rid of things I no longer need, (Oh, ick!*) I gave away my old wetsuit and diving weight today through freecycle (didn't want to bother Ebaying it - the weights would cost too much to ship and the wetsuit is a specialty one for tallish women wearing a large who do cold water diving only. Not too much call for those.). I left it outside on my doorstep clearly labeled in a bag, thus trying to convey the meaning "here, take it and go away." Stupid guy rang the doorbell and then knocked on my door when I didn't answer. And then he emailed me when he got home to thank me for the suit and say he tried knocking so he could thank me in person. Hello, idiot? Are you new to Freecycle? Becuase the point is to give away our old crap to someone else who could use it, not to make friends. If that's your purpose start going to church dances and town hall meetings. Just take the stuff and leave me alone. And especially don't come knocking while I'm still in my jammies with unbrushed hair at noon. Um... yeah...


* Drew just spit up while nursing. I had to clean off my boob, my shirt, my pants, and his shirt, all the while he was crying because I took away his food. Ew.
RE: DINNER - I'm making Thai green curry for dinner. And it's a bit more like the fiery blazes of hell hotter than I thought it would turn out. Right on! Now if Bryan would only get his butt out of the bedroom where he's trying on new clothing I'd be all set. This is what I get for marrying a man voted "best dressed" in his senior year of high school.


RE: SORTING - I spent around two hours today going through boxes that have been sealed up since we moved into the house three years ago. Some of the stuff I was thrilled to see (hey, that telephone we've been looking for! The sculptural tiles from Arcosanti!). And others... well... let's just say that of the three boxes I went through I'm keeping one box worth. I had a long black Australian oilskin trench coat that I'd been desperately missing and once I pulled it out I was rather "eh" about it and decided to garage sale it instead of keeping it.


RE: OLD FRIENDS - I found an old (1992/1993) summer band camp buddy (SHUT UP!) online this afternoon on a whim and shot her an email. I got this as a reply:

Hi Lindsay!

Of COURSE I remember you. Duh. You were one of my best camp buddies! You lived in Hacienda Heights, and one time I came to visit you and watched you and your marching band compete. That was fun!

I just watched an old Arrowbear video for the first time a while were on it and I was like, "Aww, Lindsay...I wonder what she's been up to."  =)

Things are good for me. You still playing at all? Where are you living?

Nice to hear from you! And a belated congratuations on your marriage! Yay!


Yay, indeed. She's living locally, so I hope to see her soon to catch up.


Oh, goody. Fashion boy is out ofthe bedroom. Yum!



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