lindsaydotcom ([personal profile] lindsaydotcom) wrote2006-09-19 09:45 am
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This goes entirely against Lindsay's better judgement.

As a reminder, me at 17 weeks:

And yesterday: me at 30w


They're dark-ish because I didn't think to take them until the light was already getting low. Not that I'm upset about that fact. And no, I am NOT wearing leggings - I wore black slacks and that wrap over my t-shirt yesterday at work, and tied the wrap around my waist when it warmed up in the afternoon. Spandex is a privilege, not a right. I think that's a rule we should all learn to live by and obey. 

Be kind.

ETA: Heather was nice enough to post some lightened versions of the photos in her reponse below. Thanks, H!

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