Date: 2006-09-28 05:08 pm (UTC)
When you go to the Ikea site you'll have to look att he following pathway to find the system (after it's there, of course): Ikea Home > USA > Kitchen > wall storage. Our room is just around 9x11, so building up instead of out was definitely on our minds. :)

Hm, it's sort of hard to describe the texture of the FLOR tiles. It's definitely more compact/compressed than a traditional frieze or shag carpeting, but plusher than most office stuff or what you'd find on the ground at a mall, let's say. I'd say it closely harkens to a soft berber carpeting, but without being as nubby as that is. Do you have a Lowe's home improvement store in your area? They carry a few of the FLOR lines. So does West Elm. It's also difficult to describe because there are different feels and levels of plushness depending on the line of tiles you select.

We are using the FLOR tiles as a rug on top of wood floors in our den. The edges aren't finished like you'd see on a traditional rug, but they are manufactured such that they keep their shape really well. They have a very small (2 mm-ish) backing of black recycled rubber, and unless you'd literally laying on the ground staring at the thing you don't see it on our wood floors- the carpeted edges of the tiles are just the edges that you see. The only thing I'd be hesitant about is laying a "rug" down on a very light wood or ceramic tile, because you would probably see a strip of black backing at the bottom. Bryan actually got to tour the facility where they're made (lucky duck - it was for an architectural thing), and came back super impressed with how thorough they are in how they make the product - they're not likely to unravel or come apart anytime soon. Here's what our "rug" looked like when we layed it down - it looks the same now... just a bit darker in the light areas because we need to carpet clean the thing (whoops!)...

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