Some of you may not know or may not remember that I donated for a stem cell transplant back in 2002. I wrote up the experience in another location (I didn't get on LJ till 2003), but I never posted them here. So I copied them out below to have in this location.

I don't think about it too much at this point, but a few weeks ago I got an invitation in the mail from City of Hope (where I did the transplant), for an Open House "Honoring our loyal Blood Donors, Platelet Donors and Marrow Donors for their commitment and dedication". The even includes a light meal, live jazz, and "the honoring of our dedicated donors". I don't know if I like the honoring part so I'm deciding whether or not to go. It's not that I'm affraid of getting up in front of people - I'm not. Hell, I used to compete in oratory contests, perform musically, and even occasionally do some emceeing. It's just that I feel weird being honored for doing something that I think anyone would have done. Yeah, sure, I had a few shitty days. Big fucking deal. The woman I donated to got to live an extra YEAR in exchange for that. I hope to god that no one I'm friends with wouldn't be willing to go through that in order for the chance to save someone's life.

Please, if you aren't on the National Marrow Donor Program registry already, sign up. Please. I beg you.

The day I found out I was a match - originally posted elsewhere 8/13/2002 )

8/13/2002 )

8/15/2002 )

8/21/2002 )

8/30/2002 )

9/18/2002 )

9/29/2002 )

10/01/2002 )

10/05/2002 )

11/22/2002 )

2/18/2003 )

12/03/2002 )

6/10/2003 )

So a little while ago I posted to [ profile] theinncrowd community about how to best get rid of my old treadmill.[ profile] twomidnightblue  was nice enough to give me the 411 on Freecycle, and I joined up and listed my treadmill last week. I got several takers immediately. The one I selected was a gal who's message said

Hi I'm really interested in the treadmill if it's still available. I've been looking for one for a while.  It would be put to good use since I have 3 kids all 4 and under and it's really hard for me to get out and walk with all of them especially with all the rain lately.  If it's still available please email me.

I've been in contact with her and her father is coming by on Saturday to get the machine. Turns out she's the wife of a serviceman who's in Iraq. Her youngest child is 8 months old, and her husband has been gone since he was 10 days old. She lives at Camp Pendleton (a Marine base just north of San Diego), and spends a decent amount of time at her parents house not far from me so she can get some help with the kids. When it rains she's essentially house bound because she has no one to help her with the three kids and she doesn't have a triple stroller. Whew.

I feel really good about giving her the treadmill. I hope she gets a ton of use out of it. And I hope her husband returns home safely. Soon.



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