Goodness, I want a drink.

It's just been one of those days, you know?

Someone pass me the biggest, baddest vodka tonic out there, pull up a seat, grab yourself something wet to knock back and we'll drink until we get loopy and laugh until we can't remember what we started laughing about.

Who's with me, and what'll you have?
Mexico's Congress approved the personal use of cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana, PCP, opium, synthetic opiates, mescaline, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.


 It's going to be LOADS of fun living in a border state now. People driving down to Tijuana for the weekend to stock up for parties and bring it back, more DUIs, more drug related crime, and more money that we'll have to spend on addiction problems. And can you IMAGINE what Spring Break will be like from now on? 


Just... Oy.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not making this into an immigration issue - my guess is that it will be US citizens doing the majority of this crap since we have easy passage into Mexico for tourism purposes.
The beauty of not actually making any resolutions is, among other things, that when I break what would have been each and every one of them in a single day, I feel no remorse. No one knows what they might have been, so there can be no finger pointing and snickering given the very brief nature of how long they lasted. Score one for laziness!


Plan for tonight: finishing making monstrously large vat of French Onion Soup-- while managing to not eat all of the onions during the course of their saute time, watch the "making of" features on March of the Penguins, reread the newly-posted chapter six of Seeking Ginny (can be found at and is easily the best HP fan fic I've read to date, and I've read more than I care to admit), bitch to Bryan over the fact that the freecycle person who said they would come pick up my old treadmill didn't contact me leaving me stuck with the damn treadmill until I list it again. Grump.



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